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November 12, 2005
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Abortion by EN70 Abortion by EN70
Social Poster about abortion issue

My statement about abortion:

I dont like that abortion became "usual" thing.
I accept it in some situations. It is even neccessery sometimes.
Choice is for mothers.

However treating it as a "eraser" will increase relativism and egoism.
Futher more, relativism will bring that there will be more bad things treat as a good

**I'm graphic freelancer and looking for a job****
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Daily Deviation

Given 2006-09-16
This is a relatively new deviant and I'd like to encourage him to show more of his work here on dA. Abortion by ~EN70 is one powerful design with a strong message. Imagine you're considering abortion and you see this poster on the street or train, wouldn't it make you think twice? This is what design is about, this is what made commercial design popular, the ability to communicate strong controversial messages. Simple, effective, nice use of shapes and contrast of colour and very iconic. So much to say, so little time. ( Featured by depthskins )
TheDarkWepon Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Abortion is acceptable and ok, period.
Voltex12345 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i accept, condone and even encourage abortion should the mother choose (if in her right mind as well)
because if you're not ready to take responsability and care for a tiny human being that lives simply to wake you up, demand attntion, constant care, cleaning and feeding, and then some, then don't keep the fetus.
just don't.
no matter what bully, book or biggot may say or pressure for otherwise.
and we all know orphanages are not the best place for a baby to be raised in.
also the father never has a say in this, ever. it's the woman who has to suffer though the hardship of birth and that can even potentially die from doing so.
it's not something he can demand of her.

on the other hand, yes.
as much as this image seems to suggest otherwise, i firmly agree with the description that we cannot see this as a "usual thing".
a young woman who has 7 abortions in 6 months should seriously learn what contraceptives are for and should have their abortion price increassed per abortion. if it's such a "luxury"
Clolline Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Who has the right to take somebody else's life? Soldiers? Policemen? The Secret Service even? Even though it's small, it's important. Even if you don't consider it human, it will be. I argued with my friends today over this topic. I don't regret it.
Voltex12345 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
fair enough...
but don't pressure, force or instil guilt on any woman who chooses to abort.
it's their choice, their body, their burden to bare, not the father's, not the doctors, not the familly members, not yours.
a woman suffers a lot through birth and can even potentially die from said event.
only to have to devote her life to a child that she might not even be mentally, economically or phisically capable of taking care.
it takes a lot out of a person to take care of a tiny human being.

also there's a flaw in your logic tho.
a sperm is not a human being, it will be? no... it CAN eventually be.
an egg is not a human being, it will be? no... it CAN eventually be.
a fetus is not a human being, it will be? no... it CAN eventually be.
only one sperm survives to fertilize.
not every egg makes it that far up to survive and cause pregnancy.
not all fetuses survive and meet their end with a simple miscarriage.
Clolline Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
You are correct in stating that it is the WOMAN'S CHOICE. Although it is HER body, whether she likes it or not, through her own choice (except in cases of rape) there is now life inside of her.  I know thing just happen, but maybe if she can't take care of a child, she should consider not fooling around too much sexually, or even get some protection. Pregnancies ARE preventable without having to resort to abortion. With the sperm and egg thing.... those two things, independent of each other, will not grow into anything. Plus, there's not a flaw in my logic, I never talked about the egg or the sperm, only implied the growing product of those two combined. I believe that once the egg and sperm combine, it is a legitimate human being. Because it's not dead, it's not any other kind of animal and it's GROWING. Human beings GROW throughout their lives. I never even mentioned anything about pressuring, forcing or instilling guilt on anybody either.  Also, medical technology has made vast improvements over the course of a century or two. I'd say that it's safer to give birth to a child now than it has ever been. Ever.
Now, unfortunate events do happen. C'est vie.
Any how, thanks for a different point of view and the time you took to read my comment and respond to it!
Voltex12345 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
no no it's quite fine, i'm very sorry for my latent reply.
you are quite civil and pleasant to hear from, and i thank you back for considering my opinions with open arms, as i will do yours =)
(or will at least try XD)

ok let me make my point of view clear first and foremost.
i have a more middle standard on this.
i am not completely against Abortion, but nor am i glorifying it's mention, and that it's ok all the time every time.
no. this is a very delicate and complex issue, in which my opinion differs in accordance to the context and situation.
i do tend to favor the Abortion option if not for certain cases.

with that in mind:
i completely agree with you that even though it's her body, if you're not ready to take full responsibility for a tiny, incomplete human being, that will have a lot coming his or her way for the rest of your life, then i do suggest that you either abstain from sex or practice sex responsibly and carefully with the use of contraceptives and or birth control.
in case of rape or ignorance or manipulation or accident is what i'd suppose.
i feel it is best not to force this decision to keep the baby on someone who got pregnant by accident, it can have disastrous results on both the child and parents of various kinds that will make them all miserable.
adoption is also considerable. =3

i actually disagree here... i think we should focus more on the baby already inside of the womb.
i'm not sure if you and i are that familiar with our own anatomy but even when the egg is indeed fertilized or combined with said sperm, it still takes up from 2 to 6 or weeks for the egg to reach the womb and pregnancy to begin, and not many, much less every egg MAKES it that far, and they are in fact, Fertilized eggs. most of the eggs or fertilized eggs are often flushed and washed away during "those delightful few days she has" (yeah that's another treat for the galls) XD
so basically it's like we just called every woman who has had more than one period a serial killer.
MOST eggs end up on sanitary napkins and they are in fact, Fertilized eggs.
so this is where i really should just say "we can't save everyone".
and well the Egg is an empty incubator for the sperm to grow in, it also carries the other half of the DNA from the woman's side, but it's not sentient.
spermatozoa are indeed alive and potentially human if given the right resources, they have a nervous branch with a tail, they also carry DNA information with them.
but only one, in hundreds of millions survives the travel TO the egg and successfully penetrates it.
and if not?
male masturbation?
here's a guy with his jockey shorts full of Vinnies and Debbies and nobody's saying a word to the guy?
Not every ejaculation deserves a name or four hundred thousand.
so again...  i think we should focus more on the baby already inside of the womb.
i feel this one could go around in circles. XD

ooooooooh... ._.
it was implied.... sorry.... i must have missed that.
i'm terrible i know i'm sorry =_='
it's very interesting that you look at it that way, "it's not another animal, it's alive, MUST be human".
well i guess so, but as pretty words as those are it is still one with the mother, i tend to look at it as a pre-human, it simply cannot survive without the umbilical cord, it is yet to take form.
and it will most likely easily die by mere natural causes, as i implied slightly earlier on my comment.
it's not sentient, it does not have a consciousness, it does not even have a form of it's own yet.
various are even meant to die out prematurely.
(well this could be argued that trees also don't have sentience or consciousness or nerves but that they are still alive and well but but that is a very different case that does not apply to this)

AH! good! 83
love to hear that!
it's very good to know you do not pressure anyone.
i didn't say you did, i was just suggesting you not to do it XD
just a suggestion, not an implication not an order, just a... "it would be nice if you would not do that" though not saying that you even did.... (i am sinking myself deeper here :X)

Also true! =3
technology has advanced quite ahead to help with this. but it can also go the other way around.
Technology has lead us to various dead ends and some solutions become more of risks and problems than anything else.
such as the anesthesia, to prevent the woman from feeling pain during childbirth that ALSO so happens to have about a 65% chance of killing the baby. my comment's too big by now to come up with more examples i hope this one suffices. with this point we're at stalemate XD
we really can't move forward from technology, it has it's perks, it has it's downsides.
let's agree and shake to that.

yes unfortunate things do happen, i am one to usually easily tackle points of view with cold hard truths rather than sugarcoating things, giving them more importance than they are, i value truth more than i do what's pretty ........  (this also differ from situation to situation and context XD)

and very well then =3
thank you so much for responding to me, i took great privilege at looking at your point of views and considering them, i hope i wasn't too harsh myself which i unintentionally tend to be, and thank you for reading this huge pile of black text on gray screen paper XD
Clolline Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you for being so civil. :D 
It's nice to see differing viewpoints on this subject, and I'm glad that we can exchange our ideas in a kind manner.
Now, ideally, I would like to see no abortions at all. However, like you said, there are certain circumstances (like in cases of rape) where the woman should at least have a choice. For other women though, it should be relatively easy to prevent a pregnancy (using protection, birth control, celibacy) without resorting to an abortion. Plus, if a woman DOES get pregnant, she can put the baby up for adoption. It may lead a hard life, but even people with parents can have troubled lives. Also, I did not know about the fertilized egg-napkin-period thing. Doesn't that count as a miscarriage? And I do think that sperm and eggs are alive, I just believe they are less important than their combined counterparts. I like technology, it has provided us has with safer medicines and machines that saves lives. However, it's not perfect, but it's what medical society has at the moment (much better than what medical society used to have). :D    Anesthesia has always been a risk for those who undergo surgery, but it's a shame that it has such a high risk factor the baby.
Fin. Also have a good day(or night)!
Voltex12345 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
well preferences and what would be ideal is somewhat of a luxury if you ask me.
i'm a realist myself
and despite having the feels when it comes to what could be better, some things just don't work the way we want to.
that much has already been established.…
this may be a little enlightning.
maybe... XD
well i agree with most there but i'm far too busy right now to say i agree to each one so consider me understanding all of them XC
by the way, long ago, when i had a more closeminded mindset, i had a somewhat enomrous extreme rant that various people saw as very entertaining if not hillarious.
i'd like to show you and to share your opinion about it if possible.
i'll note it to you XD
it's more to do with conservative thinking in general actually
Videogeek95 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014
There's a FLAW in YOUR logic...

"a fetus is not a human being"

I pity you...

The fetus IS the baby... (Jackass)

At what point does The Fetus become the baby? The 3rd trimester?

You obviously can't kill it then...
Voltex12345 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
when did i say that?
ooooh no you misinterpret it
or maybe i wasn't clear...
(so yeah there was a flaw XD)

i was saying that at this point. it's potentially a human being.
just like the other 2.
there's still the fact that at any given moment, the miscarriage can ocurr
there are also siamese twins
they are not formed. they are under development.
it barely has consciousness of it's own.
a human "to be" so to speak.
i don't give credit for unfinished work
what my point was originally tho, (and completely flew by you) was that i vaue the pregnant woman more than i value the fetus.
as i said

"don't pressure, force or instil guilt on any woman who chooses to abort. EVEN IF IT'S YOUR WIFE.
it's their choice, their body, their burden to bare, not the father's, not the doctors, not the familly members, not yours.
a woman suffers a lot through birth and can even potentially die from said event.
only to have to devote her life to a child that she might not even be mentally, economically or phisically capable of taking care.
it takes a lot out of a person to take care of a tiny human being."
keep those words in mind alright?
i am one to calculate, I weigh my options (and mine alone might i add), i don't believe in magic or luck. I do the math and i don't gamble.
so it's preferable in my eyes that she'd abort should she be uncapable of taking care of the baby, or so much as have her choice.
otherwise, the stagering result will be 2 or more lives ruined and or dead anyway.

oh and please let's not.... start throwing slurrs and "pitty" at each other shall we? (even if i made a mistake here and there, as did you)
it's beneath us both.
don't pitty me for having a different view.
i could say i pitty you for prefering to torture women for the sake of a fetus.
or for your lack of knowledge of how a womb works.
but i don't alright?
it's plain unneccessary and uncalled for.
let's use our minds not our emotions.
i'm just here to compare views and learn and teach.
there's no need for any violent wording.
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